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The Path to Your Passion

I help clients find their true soul's purpose

I work with people to rewire their thought processes, rewrite their narratives, and break through and release limiting beliefs to gain the strength to live a life that is free.


Together we dive deep into the subconscious self-using journaling, Traditional Tantra Yoga, ancient and powerful meditation, manifestations, and magic to break through constricting beliefs that hold us back from doing and being everything we have always wanted.

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LeLa Becker is an international inspirational author, confidence and dating coach for women, and a traditional tantra teacher. She has devoted her life to deep soul transformation and she is honored to share what has touched and transformed her with you, on this path.
At the core of her work, she is here to expand your mind, body, and soul. She helps you break down conditionings and narratives that create limiting beliefs resulting in not living your most passionate self. Her current work has taken a niche into the awaking of empowering women to find love within themselves to be able to find love with a partner. LeLa is on a mission to help people wake up to their true potential in this life.
She encourages people to live a life that loves them back.


LeLa is certified in Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Quantum Meditation, and Holistic Healing. For the past decade, she has devoted her transformation and apprenticed with Shamans, Tribal Elders, Babas, and many spiritual teachers around the world.

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What is preventing you from being on your passionate path?

There are many reasons people avoid stepping on their passionate path. Below are three of the key areas I have found to be the passion blockers.

Limiting Beliefs

It is not our fault, that we grow up in societies that suppress the belief in magic, dreaming big, living from the heart, and change. We as young adults internalize this suppression until it starts to limit us. It is when we actualize that our beliefs are limiting that we can gain the power to break through and be free.

Fear of the unknown

Our fears can be paralyzing. To begin we need to recognize and own our fears. As Pema Chodron would say "have tea with your daemons". Once we know what they want and rationalize where the fear is steaming from we can break past it and live free.

Living from the head and not the heart

We often get stuck in a "rat race", living from the head (picking a job that pays well but in which you are not happy). In this situation, we either continue to live a life in which we get stuck, feel unhappy, and uninspired. Eventually, one will wake up and have their "aha moment" or start to feel a pull in their heart that there is something bigger and better out there. Something that if they pursued they would feel in complete alignment. It is my job to help you break through the glass ceiling and live a life that allows you to vibrate at your highest level. 

Benefits of coaching with me

Coaching is fostering a unique talent, thought, or drive and allowing it to flourish. In sports, coaches guide their athletes to a victory. In life, we coaches, help clients see through the trees. Often we get stuck and coaches can see the whole picture to help you move past it.

Coaching is not therapy. Therapist will mainly focus on the past, whereas coaches focus on the future. I focus on identifying the anchors in which hold you back, and stand with you as you release them and set your self free. Once we are free, we obtain goals in how to cultivate a life in which your dreams and goals become a reality.

Why should you work with me?

When you work with me you are investing in your future. You are taking the first step to take control of the direction of your life. You are saying to the world "I am better than this and I know there is a life out there waiting for me in which is my reason that I am here on this earth. Working with me will give you the confidence to tap into your purpose, tune in to your well of confidence, and boldly give yourself the permission to step fully onto your most passionate path.

My mission is to help clients wake up to their true potential, by utilizing a wealth of deep meditations, yoga, quantum healing, journaling, introspective hard work. These practices allow you to acquire tools and techniques that you will be able to use your entire life.

Our work together will increase your self-awareness, enhance your personal development trajectory and empower you to take your life in the direction of fulfillment, possibility, passion, and wonder.

"Lela's intuitive coaching helped me both to unclench my analytic mind and to begin interfacing with my behavioral self in a supportive and non-judgmental way. While it seemed counter-intuitive at the time, her process allowed me to let go of some of my "thinking about my problems" (a process I'd kept at for months) and begin to move pro-actively towards fixing my problems (a process I had been avoided like the plague).


Working with LeLa helped me close the gap between the large list of "things I know I'd be better off doing today" and"things I'm actually going to do today." If other coaching methods (particularly those that seem to treat workflow as primarily a data organizational problem) have failed you, I encourage you to give Passionate Path Coaching a try."

-Marvin B, Seattle, Wa

"Purposefully live from the heart, not the head. Make all your dreams come true. Connect with me. I believe that we are all hearing our soul's calling we are just not listening. Learn to listen. Face your daemons. Cut the cords that bind you, and live a life that is free!"


Love, Learn, Listen, and Live Well


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